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Please ignore t-shirt, fingernails, blanket and the missing ponytail…

It was just a test. Ahaha!

Wanna cosplay him so badly! RIGHT NOW! ( ಥ///ω///ಥ )

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Some sketches from my Twitter Account…

More fanarts, please! Why are there so less fanarts regarding this series out there? |☍д⁰)

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MitsuIchi rulez, bitches! (눈◡눈)v

I like Ceasar, but sorry… no chance, boy.

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OMG YOU MADE A KURANDO COSPLAY, I'm a sick fan of Shadow hearts, I made a Anastasia Romanov cosplay. Be my kurando <3 aahahah :)
tutimuse asked

Awww! Thank you! ( Q///v//Q)♥

OMG! Anastasia! I’d really like to see this cosplay. Are there any photos?

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…it was so great! Wanna go back! ⊂( ੭ु ☼ Д ☼)੭ु⁾⁾

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MitsuIchi! ( •ॢ◡-ॢ)-❤

They need so much more love!

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Not Lonely But Fool - Oda Nobunaga (CV : Miyano Mamoru)

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Cute Mitsu Chibi Action! Here we go! ♥

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Mitsuhide Hairflip Akechi ♥
This guy is so fuckin&#8217; awesome!

Mitsuhide Hairflip Akechi ♥

This guy is so fuckin’ awesome!

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D E E P • S C A R S

….it took me more than 14 hours to colour it….